"So if anyone wants to know why I am splitting with my wife just go ahead and date her. It will become apparent."

That's funny, because I would have split from you the first time you held me down and hit me.

I would have left you the first time you threatened to put my 2 year old up for adoption for being so disappointing.

I would have left you the first time my daughter looked me in the eyes and suggested, "Let's not live with Daddy anymore."

I would have left you when you left the state to go live in a van with your girl friend at the Renn Faire while I tried to get the house ready to sale and gave birth to our second kid by myself.

Did you hit her today or just break her smart phone?

(All I know is that he broke her phone and hid the laptop so she couldn't find resources. She has an old Nokia on her Dad's plan that she texted my husband from. He looked up shelters for her. Her old phone won't hold a charge for long so I don't know what's going on.)