So, I am working on editing my report cards. I say my Report Cards, but four other teachers have input on the report cards. I cannot do any edits on the "boxes" containing the info for their subject areas.

My reports get submitted to the Vice Principal for editing. I got them back, and my Phys Ed and Health teachers both didn't read the instructions we were given and did not put in "next steps" for kids getting C's and D's in those subjects. This is the second report card of the year. The Phys Ed teacher also had to be told to put next steps in on the last report card as well. We also were required to put in next steps the same way last year as well.

I don't blame the Health teacher so much, because he just started teaching at our school since the last report card. But the Phys Ed Teacher should know by now.

So now I have to email them, and tell 'em to add them in. Just like ever other teacher who they provide coverage to.

It's a pain in the butt.

Oh, and I have another teacher who for some reason typed her last name starting with a lowercase letter half the time. I gotta get her to fix that too.

At least this batch is almost done.