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Welcome To The Bitchery

Report Card Whinge

I hate that the Vice Principal who edits my report cards has a sucky grasp on grammar, and at least once per reporting period asks me to edit a sentence that is perfectly correct in a way that renders the sentence nonsenscal, forcing me to go to her and point out her error.

I am not alone in this. It is one of many reasons we wish she had gotten transferred to a new school this year. She is past due. She also tends to rub people the wrong way, and is ineffectual at dealing with behaviour issues.


But no, we are stuck with her another year.

The upside of being transferred out of Kindergarten (don't know if I mentioned I got moved into the Spec Ed department because a teacher who was in there wants out and I have the certification.) is that the other VP will be reading my reports next year.

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