Goddamn I love it when dumb rapists forget that phonecalls can be recorded. :D


  • Woman moves in next to her childhood babysitter
  • 10 years later she starts having memories of childhood abuse
  • In therapy more memories surface
  • 6 years later the police help her tape a phonecall to him
  • He confesses on tape
  • He also confesses to his friends and the police during interview

Some of you may remember my past from a few months back which was almost identical. That was about this story:


Why am I filled with such glee that these bastards are so fucking stupid that they’ll confess after decades with no other evidence against them? Sorry if my tone here is a bit too jovial, this shit just makes me happy.

Thank you, dumb rapists, for providing corroborated cases which give just a little bit of credibility to all the victims out there who will never have any proof themselves.