Well, Canada's religious right proves once again that, despite many of its members not believing in evolution, it is still full of cranky old dinosaurs who hate reproductive rights.

Thursday was Ottawa's annual assclown parade, the March for Life. Every year, several thousand anti-choice protestors descend on the capital to protest women's reproductive freedoms. Their numbers are bolstered by children from publicly funded Catholic schools, as well as private schools from all over Ontario, who are bused in on field trips to the capital. Not just high school students either – I got to watch a full two classes of sixth graders assemble before me and talk excitedly about the candy and souvenirs they'd bought while wearing March 4 Life bracelets. Sixth graders! Let that sink in.

I don't think it's a stretch to say that Canada's anti-choice groups, headed by tax-exempt churches and bolstered by publicly funded schools, see nothing wrong with exploiting children to push their agenda. Ask one of these jokers what concrete actions they're taking to support women and children in Canada and make abortion less necessary, and look into the terrible abyss of blank stares if you dare. Oh, and they're also not down with same-sex marriage. Or "marriage" (with scare quotes), as their website terms it.

Every year, about a hundred counter-protesters demonstrate across the street from the March. It can be a scary experience, as some of the anti-choice protesters can get very aggressive, and there are so many more of them. One of those protestors is the amazing Julie Lalonde (girl crush!), who has received the Governor General's Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case for her work on women's rights issues. According to Julie, and this Huffington Post article, Faith Goldy, a Sun News reporter, approached multiple counter-protestors without identifying herself and asked them if they think rape should be legal so it will be safe. Sun News, which could be a parody of Fox News if Sun News had a sense of humor, thinks abortion is comparable to rape. Journalism, ladies and gentlemen.


Moving on to some positive news, owner of Canada's finest head of hair and leader of the Liberal Party Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday that all new Liberal candidates would have to vote pro-choice to run as part of the party. Pro-life members who are already sitting in Parliament are exempt, but still, good on him for taking a stand.