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Well it looks like Trump got his way Gennifer Flowers will be at the debate. I am 1 million percent positive Hillary will ignore her. Yet it show how both Flowers and Trump are blaming Hillary for the affair.

Really who the hell does this? Flaunting the mistress in front of the wife. Does Trump think Flowers is Hillary’s victim? No. From personal experience the existance of women like Flowers who knowingly have sex with a husband causes great emotional harm to the wife.

Cheating is emotional abuse by both the spouse who cheats and the other one who they cheat with. Yes as much as I like Bill Clinton the president and politician this was emotional abuse against Hillary and Flowers aided and abbetted in the abuse. Trump is adding to the abuse if not making it worse.


Oh wait I bet Flowers, Trump and Conway are students of Dr Laura’s radio school of “its wife’s fault if husband cheats”.

This is so troubling. I am sure folks like Katrina Pierson will argue Trump is a genius. Ugh.

I have a hunch for many moderate republican women Trump and Flowers stunt will not sit well with them especially if their husband cheated. I am sure they are thinking “would I want the woman my husband cheated with enter same room I am in to flaunt the cheating”. Of course I could be wrong.

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