This has been on CNN and MSNBC.

1) Repugs are moaning that Wendy said she and her daughter lived alone when she was 19 in a trailer then the divorce was finalized when she was 21. They are moaning that she said "divorced" at 19.

2) This soo makes me mad. Her 2nd husband helped pay for Wendy to go to Harvard then after she graduated they split up. Well the repugs have the gall to say her 2nd husband was a "sugar daddy" that she used. I don't know the details why the split and I am sure the repugs don't either.

What makes me soooo mad about this is how many woman helped put their husbands or boyfriends through school only to be dumped after yet the men rarely if ever get pilloried. Husbands walking out on their wives after they graduate is not all that rare, growing up I have seen this with relatives and had friends whose mothers went through this.

Name we 1 time a male politician or especially a male republican politician was treated badly for doing this? No, I can't. The closest was Bob Dole who left his wife after she helped nurse him with his war injuries and the only one really upset about this was my mother, My mother still hates Dole for this Its always a yawn and blaming the exwife. Name we one time the exwife was called a "sugar mommy" or whatever the equivalent is to sugar daddy.


I wish I could vote in Texas.