I'm one of those people that almost actively tries to make sure things are harder for myself. A friend once watched me take an online essay exam and ended up taking the computer from me, cleaning up what I had, and pressing send because he said it was painful watching me struggle to finish.

It's just a part of how my brain works, I guess. I have an incredibly hard time taking things in little bits at a time so as not to get overwhelmed. Instead, I'm always worried about the big picture. Even if I do break something into steps like I've done with this paper, I can't figure out how to just get it done.

I don't think any of what I've written sounds cohesive, and the internet hasn't really helped in how to format/structure/write/complete the introduction for the research paper.

That part of the paper is due at 10am tomorrow, and I have no idea how to get my brain to work.