Penzey’s has been killing it with the politically-slanted posts for some time now. Yesterday he posted about how his posts get reactions ranging from “Customer for life!” to “ugh, keep politics out of it” to “NEVER BUYING FROM YOU AGAIN.”

It seems that some businesses are afraid to take a stand for fear that it will drive customers away. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here. In fact, the sales spikes Penzey’s sees happen to coincide with some of the strongest political takes posted on their FB page. It’s interesting.

We know that history is written by the victors. We know that the loudest voices are often the ones setting the path. But we also hear rumblings of things like “Republicans are not the majority, and within the party, the majority does not support this administration.” We hear that the majority of Americans actually support things like universal healthcare and immigration reforms and not putting babies in cages.

Maybe there is hope. Maybe not - apparently the people who support the good things in this world don’t vote in high enough numbers. But they’re out there, and if they can be motivated to vote, maybe we’ll be okay.