Yesterday littlelostAlice posted in an open thread about a rough situation she's going through, in which after a year of sitting on the couch playing video games, her husband told her he's officially leaving their marriage and child. Because she doesn't have posting privileges, I'm asking on her behalf for any resources the hive mind might know about that could help her. I'll try to sketch out the pertinent information below.

His parents are coming to pick him up, because he doesn't have a working car and wants to go live with his ex-girlfriend and go to college. He casually informed her that the parents would be staying for several days, which she told him she was uncomfortable with but he didn't care. She's thinking of sending their child to stay with friends during this time.

They just bought a house, which is in his name. She'd like to keep it (it's pretty affordable), but she just went back to work for the first time in a while, and the budget is tight. I know we have a few attorneys in the house, does anyone have any advice?

Also, what kinds of public assistance resources can she turn to in Mississippi for help getting over the hump? I know the SNAP program, but is there anything else she can use? She's set up lawyer-wise so her main concern is getting through this financially and emotionally.

Thanks for your help, GT.