In undergraduate, I regularly took Amtrak home for the holidays because while it was more expensive, I didn’t have to fight traffic the day before Thanksgiving etc. Also, I just like trains. I’d sometimes go into the quiet car because it was just me, there was usually room, and all I do is listen to music through my headphones and read.

One day I’m sitting in the quiet car and a twenty-something woman gets on. Her phone rings. “Hey Joe. What? Well I can’t really talk because I’m in the quiet car...” and then continues with a conversation. When that call was done, she dials someone else. “Hey Brittany, I can’t talk long, I’m in the quiet car, but guess what Joe just told me!” and goes on with a long conversation. The rest of the car quietly seethed.

She got in no trouble, but as the child of two New Jersey teachers and as a Jersey girl myself, I accept Chris Christie being thrown out of the quiet car by the conductor as karmic justice in her place. Thank you Gawker for making my family’s day that much brighter.