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I really need some help right now. I have received a message from a friend stating that they've committed suicide. I believe the message. This person is not geographically close to me. I am not in contact with any of their family, from whom they are estranged. I have called our mutual friends but none of us have current contact information beyond a phone number (its turned off) and a previous address.

The police just called back and they made contact with his previous employer, whom he used to live with — the only information the police gave me was that he's no longer at that address. I'm confused because I thought the employer was a relative also. I don't know anyone in the area where my friend was staying.

I am feeling very alone and need some help. If anyone has advice on how to proceed please reach out. Emotionally I will get through this. I need to know what I can be doing at this point.


ETA - I am holding for National Suicide Hotline right now and I'm sure they will help. I did not even think of it as a resource for survivors. Thank you to everyone for your support and kind thoughts.

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