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So, I'm a senior, which means I get constant recruitment emails about how I should totally be in the Peace Corps or be an Engineer Without Borders or whatever. But this one takes the cake for me.

Email starts with "RESPONSE REQUESTED: Invitation" in the subject line. I'm pretty sure if they could flag it as an emergency they would. I see this in my inbox and wonder if something bad happened - did my loans not work how they should and my tuition isn't paid, did I forget to do something important for work? Then I start wondering if AT&T had pulled through and gotten me a good job request. Obviously, it's important, so I open it and start reading.

Hi Pyrax,

I’ve been reaching out to you recently with standard emails, and I wanted to reach out to you personally to explain why I’ve been so persistent.

You’re among the top leaders on campus. We want you to add another title to your name: teacher.


Okay, I realize now that it's another recruitment letter and not something that I did wrong or right, and that subject pisses me off a little. Still, I'm a little impressed that this person wants to reach out directly to me. I mean, I have not once led a club on campus or ran for an office or even really interacted with campus much in a visible way, but maybe it's something else that made them want me? Who knows; either way, I'm annoyed at the demand for a response in the subject but I'm feeling a little good about them contacting me personally.

, ’s recruitment manager at , would like to invite you to a one-on-one 30 minute introductory meeting with her at on Feb. 5 or Feb. 6.

This is a come as you are kind of meeting. Feel free to wear pajamas! She wants to learn more about you and to tell you about an opportunity we may have for you.


First thought: "I wonder if that's a woman with a traditionally male name, that's kind of cool!" So I google the name, with the organization's name. Nope, this is a guy. Now I'm just angry - they went through all that trouble to make me seem like this is something important, so much "personalization" of it, only to use a form letter and be too dumb to actually change the pronouns in the email. I want to reply and be snarky, but it's probably not in my best interest - I have no interest in this "opportunity" (I have no idea why anyone would think I would be a good teacher), but who knows when I might meet someone again, you know? Also it seems a little mean.

Would it be mean to respond and politely decline while noting that part of the reason I'm declining is the disingenuousness of making a form letter seem like they're persistently contacting me specifically? The vague subject line pisses me off, but the guy who wrote the email told me to feel free to text or gchat him and then I feel bad responding pissed off.


ETA: Further damning evidence: I have gotten one email from this organization before. It was not from this person. UGH.

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