Gina Riverós of Argentina posted the following to FB:

Yesterday, when I arrived at 6 in the morning at the [bus] terminal, there was a very drunk guy who 10 minutes later fell deeply asleep.

He had those huge pants that had fallen down, leaving his underwear and half his ass hanging out.

In sum: young, drunk, at dawn, in a sketchy place like a terminal at that hour and with his ass hanging out ... and nevertheless, neither I nor any of the women passing by during this spectacle raped him or killed him.

You see, guys, it’s not that hard and no matter how drunk someone is or how they’re dressed, you can respect the life of others???

“The 55-year-old mom had no idea her message had been shared more than 30,000 times until her son showed her the screenshot of her post, according to Buzzfeed.

“That day a guy came up to buy a ticket in the morning [and] made a comment about a girl who was around in miniskirts,” Riverós told BuzzFeed Español. “And that made me think of the boy I had seen when I arrived.”

While Riverós noted on Facebook that she’s received plenty of cheers, she said that “not everything has been roses” and that others have called her a bitch and even a “rebel feminazi.”