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Restore my faith in true love by bragging about your relationship!

When I get stressed, my coping mechanism is to become a sponge of human misery. Any and all woes big or small, current or past, are revisited and blown out of proportion, but because that's not enough, my mind then ventures further afield and absorbs all the horrible things I see around me and somehow makes them my problem.

In short, I am preparing for exams and feel like every single romantic relationship in the world is filled with cheating, abuse, only dating because you're scared to be alone, serial monogamy, stringing people along, taking your issues out on others, etc., etc. And while I am usually capable of accepting that hey, sometimes things are less than perfect, right now I am being a Judgy McJudgyPants about it all and feel like any of the above behaviours are the end of the world. (And I know they're not, so I hope no one feels offended or personally judged!)

So please tell me your sweetest love stories, yours or others'. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it can't involve any of the stuff mentioned above because I just cannot cope with the realities of the world right now. Tell me about two (or more!) people being awesome on their own and then meeting up and being awesome together. Or being a little bit sad on their own and then being awesome together. Those are both acceptable.


ETA: Wow, so many beautiful stories. Thank you all for sharing!

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