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Restore that youthful, rosy glow to your labia

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My New Pink Button (tm) is a colorant that will restore that yearned-for pinkish hue to your labia. It is available for purchase on Amazon. The reviews are very informative.


Harris Elleborg of Astoria, NY has a few questions:

First, does it work on other areas downtown, or is this really a ladies-only product? I'm not saying I need it repackaged in a "My New Balloon Knot" tin, I'm just curious if it works, chemically.

Second, what is the brightest color they make? Somehow, I suspect "Audry" is pretty refined. Classy. I'm looking more for something more along the lines of "Enraged Baboon" or "Fleet Week."

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


Your concern is noted, Harris Elleborg of Astoria, NY. Hopefully the manufacturers will be expanding their range of colors to suit all preferences and genders soon. Question: is Fleet Week disco-ball colored?

justme from the NW part of the world (relative to which point of geographic reference, she does not say) uses hers to liven up otherwise mundane gynecological visits:

I used to glitter up my area to make my gynecologist's work more enjoyable (face it, looking at hoohaws all day could be monotonous) I tried pin-wheels and a jack in the box (it scared her) Now I pinken it up to amuse her.

She mentioned that she likes zebras, could you make black and white hoohaw paint?


I, personally, second this request and would also like to suggest a tasteful leopard print.

Finally, continuing in the requests for more colors (and flavors) vein, stoo hodur has a very specific color of labia she is looking for, and she would love the manufacturers to accommodate it:

Not everyone is created equal. I was hoping for a darker shade. Although pink is nice, I am looking for more of a "crisp bacon" So I experimented with it, and mixing it with chocolate syrup does not work.


I encourage the discerning consumers of Groupthink to add their own reviews! For the public good and posterity and stuff!

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