I've pretty much had it with one of my current bosses and it's lighting a fire to revamp my resume and apply for some jobs including a YA librarian position that I'm nervous but jazzed about. I've fixed it up in way that I'm happy with but my boss (different boss at a different job) took a look at it and suggested that I remove the Summary of Qualifications. He said he hates them and never looks at them during any of the hiring he has done. He suggested that I save the info that I have there and just work it into my cover letter when anything is applicable. But my former boss was the one who actually added it to my resume and I've never heard any complaints from other people in the field who have taken a look. To be fair, it is getting a little jumbled as it's both summary of qualifications/skills that don't really fit under specific jobs. Some of the things listed aren't necessarily applicable to all of the jobs I'm applying for but are things that are useful in the library field (metadata terms, library classification, omeka, usability stuff, html, etc) I sort of thought that additional skills will always seem more attractive to hiring committees? But perhaps are just a mess? This is the last thing I need to tackle before I can start sending stuff out!