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Resume hot tips?

I got a new computer at work recently, and it’s awesome, yay. But in transferring my files over, I lost quite a bit of the personal stuff I had on there, mostly past job applications and versions of my resume. I did find a pretty recent copy of my resume attached to an email so I can recreate it, but it’s saved as a PDF so I’ll have to retype it. I really really hate looking at my resume or writing cover letters - it’s just excruciating to “sell” myself - so I’m trying to see this as an opportunity to add some flair (15 pieces to be exact). Although I’ve updated the information, as well as improving the presentation as I’ve read and learned more about creating resumes, I’ve had basically the same format resume for a while.

So, hit me with your 1 Weird Trick for making an awesome resume! Formatting, phrasing, do you put a personal summary at the top? I’m going to hit up Ask A Manager et al but wondered what you all do.


As a thank you, here is my new kitty! (We haven’t decided on a name yet...he is either Hamish, Peachum, Hercules, or Boswell).

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