So I've worked shitty fast fashion retail since I was 16 and got my first job at Forever 21. I worked there off an on for nearly 6 years and have mostly terrible awful things to say about it. I only miss one thing about it: they only sold women's clothes.

I had to get another job because Forever 21 refused to work with my school schedule, and I found one at a place we'll call Street 21. Street 21 sells men's and women's clothes. Maybe I'm hallucinating, or maybe it's these shirts that we sell:

But I have gotten sexually harassed more times in three months at this store than I did in 6 years at Forever 21.

Street 21, despite being a clothing store, bases employee hours and sales on how many fragrances they are able to trick customers into buying.


One day as I was trying to convince a guy to buy a fragrance, he said he would only buy one if I gave him my number. When I refused, he left without purchasing his other items. I told one of the managers about this and she said "Well, you could've just used a fake number."

So last night I was sexually harassed at work, which really isn't unusual in itself, but what this guy said really horrified me. He came to my register with a group of the douchiest of douche frat boys, of course all purchasing our graphic tees that say things like "She wants the D" or "SL_T it's missing the U." One of his friends asked if I was married because I was cute and when I replied yes I was (with the biggest bitchface ever) they all groaned. I get through all their purchases while all of them are like "You want a boyfriend on the side? Your man don't have to know" among other things about my ass or whatever and I'm ringing out the last but not least of the douches. After I gave him his purchases, he stared at me for literally 2 minutes even after I told him I had other customers waiting and that he needed to leave. When he was finally done eye-raping me, he said "I hope you aren't walking out to your car alone. Be safe tonight." and winked at me and then walked out the door.

What in the actual fuck?


So, tell me about all your fun-filled days in retail/service jobs.