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Retail Therapy! Makeup Haul!

So posting haul pics is not usually my style, because I am often very embarrassed by the amount of money I spend on frivolous stuff. As a compulsive shopper, it seems a bit like an alcoholic posting pics of all the booze they drank last night. But I *am* in recovery for my crazy spending behavior, and so this purchase was within my budget and OK-ed by my sponsor, and I therefore don't feel ashamed of it the way I normally would. I had a crappy, crappy day yesterday, and so I dipped into my cosmetics budget and went to Target and Ulta today for a sponsor-approved bit of retail therapy. I'm super into makeup and nail polish (as many of you already know), and lately I've been coveting ALL THE URBAN DECAY. So I finally go some of the pricier items I've been eyeballing, and I wanted to share my excitement!

So here's my haul! From Target I got a Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (matte white) and 2 bottles of nail polish (Nicole Lemon Lolly and L'Oreal The Shift Me). From Ulta I got 2 bottles of nail polish (Zoya Anaka and China Glaze Travel in Colour), and three Urban Decay palettes: Naked, Naked2, and Book of Shadows IV. I have been wanting the Naked palettes FOREVER, but they're so expensive ($52 each) that I just never could break down and buy them. The reason I finally did today was because I was thinking about buying a few dupes of them; at Target there is currently a Pixi palette called Perfection that is $28 and a Sonia Kashuk matte and shimmer neutral eye palette ($30) that is a limited edition holiday set. I figured I would just get those and still get a nice range of neutral shadows. But then I thought, you know, if I get these, I'm not going to STOP wanting the Naked palettes. But if I get the Naked palettes, I won't want these. So it just made more sense to buy the pricier item that I really wanted. :) And I'm sooooo stoked! They are gorgeous. (Plus I recently read that they're going to be releasing a Naked3 palette soon! WOOHOO! AND DAMMIT.) The Book of Shadows was an impulse buy—I really liked the colors and it was only $32, which was still within my budget. Sold!


I got so excited with my new pretties that I had to take a picture of all my Urban Decay palettes together. Here they are—I don't have THAT many, but I love them all!

In addition to the palettes I already mentioned, there is the Naked Basics palette (center), the Deluxe Shadow Box (upper left) and the Ammo palette (on top of the Book of Shadows). SO MUCH PRETTY, YAAAAY.

Now I just want to spend the rest of my day in my bedroom working on my smoky eye skills. (Which are currently nonexistent.)


So, yay makeup! Yay retail therapy! Yay treating myself without breaking my budget! Tell me something about your favorite makeup below! <3

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