... I'm really excited about my summer reading list. This is the first summer since my child's birth some years ago that I've gotten potential research time.

I'm working on some research about DRUGS. (Evil music)

Basically, I'm discussing looking at some of the historical and literary works that center around drug use and the legislation therein, especially on contemporary literary works. Anyway, there's more to it, but books galore! Also, I found this awesome older book on LSD before it was illegal. I haven't cracked it open more than a few pages, but I do love older books. I'm also eager to look at Michelle Alexander's work, thus my geek-out this morning. She is so very, very smart.

If anyone has any suggestions of books they like about these subjects, feel free. :)

Also, I'm going to try to watch the entire season of Orphan Black that I've been saving for this summer. It's been really hard not to read spoilers here.