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Welcome To The Bitchery

Oh man. I am squicked out.

I was talking to my sister about some of our former teachers.

I was reminiscing about my 7th-grade math teacher, about whom I have spent the past 20 years vaguely remembering with a sense of fondness.


I liked him because he let me and my friends do what we wanted, goofed off with us, and gave us attention.

I started recounting a story about when he came up behind me and started unbraiding my hair...I only became aware of how creepy that was as the story was coming out of my mouth. Upon further thought, there are dozens of things like that, crossings of boundaries that a 12-year-old wouldn’t necessarily see as such but a 30-something should. At the time they were funny, vaguely embarrassing, or “random” (I called everything “random.”)

So my sister and I were both disturbed enough to immediately Google him and yup, he lost his teaching license 5 years ago for inappropriate behavior towards students (it was not clear if legal action was taken.)


I slept around with a lot of older men in my late teens and early 20's and I’ve recently realized how many of them were creepy (even the ones that happened after I was 18.) Why am I still having these realizations?

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