So I will probably take this down in a day or so. But everything is forever I know.

So the Geekboy was Skyping with his ex-wife (I walked in while they were talking and had no pants on so bonus) which was unusual but not unheard of. They had a really easy divorce, they didn't own anything together and have no kids. Well she revealed to the Geekboy she's Trans and going by a male name now. (I'll now use the masculine pronouns and the name Ex-Geek though I'm not sure if that's what he wishes yet).

So the Geekboy told me that this isn't really out of left field. Apparently he approached his parents about it back in high school and they said it was a phase. He's slept with both men and women. Ex-Geek also would fully commit themselves to a religion (Born-Again, Jehovah's Witness,Islam) to later abandon the identity.

I didn't speak to Ex-Geek and never met him before. All we did was wave today, since the microphone is only for one person on the Geekboy's computer. He did however tell the Geekboy he did want us to speak.

The Geekboy's knowledge is rather limited on these subjects so if anyone can recommend some internet reading I can send the Ex-Geek I would appreciate it. So far most of my knowledge comes from here, and that's mainly the collected works of Kat Callahan on Roygbiv. (Obviously that will be my first recommendation.)

Anything that you would recommend the Geekboy reading would also be helpful. He's very open with sex and sexuality so I'm not overtly concerned but it would be helpful.