The title pretty much sums it up.

Thanks for all your reassuring stories and advice. True to what most of you said, he hadn’t gone far (I was convinced he’d head for the nearby farm or woods), he’d be well-hidden (he was under a truck?), and he was more active at night, and he’d probably be fine (we heard a pack of foxes screaming right before we found him - I wasn’t sure if he’d stolen one of their cubs or if they were ripping him limb from limb).

FluterPup has pretty good hunting instincts, so I took her around the neighborhood while rattling a bucket of kibble that is normally Sh*tty’s favorite thing to break into. FluterPup dragged us a bunch of different places, and then got oddly fixated on a parking lot near the dumpster where Sh*tty was last seen. We found him under a truck, extremely reluctant to come out.

We’ve since bathed him (in case of bugs) and fed him an entire can of his food (which he will likely vomit up soon, but it was more about the moment), and he is currently sitting in a nest of towels in my lap, trying desperately to dry himself. (Despite how much I say I hate him, he prefers me, and when he isn’t being a dick to my dogs, I’m ... a little fond ... of the little shit.) FluterDude is sitting nearby gazing fondly and trying to pretend as if he hasn’t cried a little with relief.

Thanks again for the reassurance, and for the advice. You guys directly contributed to the Return of Sh*tty K*tty.