Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Okay, I have several tabs open besides Groupthink: http://gladrags.com, http://www.sckoon.com/cloth-menstrua…, http://lunapads.com, http://partypantspads.com, http://www.newmoonpads.com/home.html

If I'm going to make this switch, what do you ladies recommend? I would probably get one of the kits or bundles or whatever. My period is usually 3-4 days long, heavy for a day (sometimes a day and a half), light for a day or two, and sometimes I'll spot on the last day, if not it's still light. What do I need?


Is there anything else I should keep in mind if I do this?

(Also, for those keeping track, that's asshole reproductive system - 4, Quagmire - 0. I'm hoping making a big investment in these will force my body to get pregnant just to Murphy's law me.)

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