Groupthink, you kind and giving souls, let's pat each other on the back and talk about our community service efforts. It can be something you did special today or something you do on a regular basis.

I thought this might help us to get to know the new and old authors a bit better.

So, I'll start the (humblebragging?). I am proud to say one of DadPoppet's lasting legacy's at his University is a school-wide Day of Service on campus in honor of Dr. King. Everything from blood drive, to clothing drive, electronics recycling, letters to troops, making bird-feeders for the home-bound to making fleece blankets for terminally ill children. The University boasts a near 99% participation from faculty, staff and students. Because of the University's mission statement, the community is highly involved as well and something like 5, 000 people stop by The Day of Service. The University's entire enrollment is less than that. So, today I donated blood and made a few blankets in between directing people to the appropriate buildings.

So GT? What sort of service do you like to provide the community?

ETA: I want to add a caveat here and an apology. I rushed to post this from a borrowed laptop and didn't properly honor Dr. King nor his legacy. This idea of a Day of Service is a beautiful one but it pales in comparison to what Dr. King asked of us as people. nappyheadedflo authored a much more well thought out post about this topic. Please accept my apologies for my rushed posting and my misremembering of Dr. King's legacy.