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Welcome To The Bitchery

I've got a faculty meeting today before the new semester starts next week. I'm an adjunct at a college, which means no job security for future semesters. While I taught there last semester, that was a very last-minute thing for an evening class so I rarely saw any of the other faculty and most of them probably weren't aware of my existence. So this meeting is basically my introduction to the department.

I'm at that point in my pregnancy where, depending on what I wear, I either look pregnant or like someone who just carries more weight around my middle than elsewhere. The question is, should I try to conceal it for the time being (which requires wearing something not very comfortable)? I have a signed contract so I doubt my job this term would be in jeopardy, but my field is still very male-dominated and I don't want people to look at me and have their first impression be "Oh no, she's pregnant, is she going to be able to do a good job? Will she be able to finish out the term? Obviously she's isn't very committed to her work." Etc. I also would like to continue adjuncting there in the future, so I want them to think of me favorably. I know these concerns sound sort of stupid, but I have encountered some really terrible attitudes about women and work/life balance at other schools. I feel like it is within the realm of possibility that this could create a subtle negative impression that will linger when they are deciding who to rehire, and adjuncts really are a dime a dozen.


What do people think I should do? Should I go in and be like, "Yes, I'm pregnant, it's none of your business, people who are paying me almost nothing to carry out the core mission of your institution"? Or should I try to hide it so their first impression of me is me?

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