Short version: I snapped and decided playing nice is boring.

Just kidding, I'll explain myself. My roommate is dating a dick. We'll call him Jake, and she can be Jen. Ever since about September things have been tense between us. The two of them say a lot of bigoted shit, and I'm really bad at keeping my mouth shut. I have a habit of calling people out when they say stuff like that. I usually try to be gentle in case it's just a lack of understanding, but over time it got clear that it was pure bigotry.

On top of all that crap, they like to tell me to clean up in the kitchen, when they make waaaaaay more of a mess. I was planning to go on the Pill and they were super shame-y about that because they didn't want me to get ''hurt''. In their minds I was going too fast with my friend/romantic interest (I don't know what else to call him. He's not my partner but we really like each other.) Everything I do is met with judgement and snide comments.

So one day a mutual acquaintance put a photo on FB that said, "Back in my day, wheelchairs were for the disabled, not fat people." I gently stated that you can be fat and disabled. Those things can exists together. I'm pretty sure I've already told GT this stuff, but you need backstory to know where the rage comes from.


So my FB cover photo is this: ^

Is this the same as making a fat-shame joke? Does this demean and mock people?

No, it does not. It's called satire. It's mocking the way society is really inconsiderate towards the disabled. It doesn't attack one group as a whole. And Jesus fuck, it's C & Y, they ain't really looking to truly make statements, just to turn expectations on their heads. But according to her, I'm a hypocrite because I called her out on her disabled "joke", yet I made one. Well, it's called context and I told her as much.


And truly, I got tired of being cool about life. I had tried to get along but I've been eating shit all year. So I took my lube and squirted a moderate amount on her hairbrush. And I laughed. A lot. My original thought was to put their toothbrushes in the toilet, but I decided to have SOME compassion.

Those two are an entity and they will gang up on me whenever they can, so getting one is like getting both.


Did I mention I also hid all the toilet paper that I paid for? Sometimes, I don't want to be an adult, and I think that's okay.

ETA: I should point out she's a PWD too. Even more fucked, right?