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Review Fathom's Newsies see it now this is how to do a movie musical

We spent $9.25 each on tickets to LaLa Land and $18.75 per ticket for Newsies. Newsies was by far twice as good.

The dancing was fantastic. I have seen many local stage shows in my many, many decades of life and the dancung here was jaw droppingly good.


Jeremy Jordan as Jack Kelly a star is born. He so reminds me of a young Hugh Jackman from tv musical Oklahoma.

I dreaded seeng this. Child labor and exploitation. All I could think of was Oliver and “Boy For Sale” if there was a variation that would have killed my enjoyment. The scene with Crutchie was heartbreaking to see, well choreographed beating scene though.

It was serious in a lot of ways but you never felt the newsies were in real jeopardy. Also the fact they were played by folks in their 20s and for Jack and Pulitzer reporter/daughter both played by folks in their early 30s minimized the anxiety. Jack was suppose to be 17.

The ending was a bit too pat with Governor Teddy Roosevelt swooping through saving the day.


Filming though my main problem were group songs. Too many group songs I had no idea what the words were. The solos were fIne. Group songs no. Was it symch problems with the sound recorders or something else.

I did a bit of cursory research even though its loosely based on the 1899 Newsie strike I found no evidence of Pulitzer’s daughter playing any role.



We think today a news paper delivery strike would be “hmm I can read the news online”. Newspapers were their internet for news information, imagine if for two weeks no tv news, no internet, no radio news. In 1899 they had none of that plus for two weeks no newspaper. Newspaper was all they relied on and could rely on. I would not have been happy.


Anyone see this theater movie version or see it on stage? It was a fun musical, great choreography but there are better musicals.

I would.not take small children (under 7) though. The storyline of child labor exploitation and the beating of Crutchie could disturb them. Although my mother took me to see Oliver at age five and I screamed when Bill Sykes jumped into the side aisle after killing Nancy. She has told the story way too many times to folks she knows. She finds it funny now. That’s a far more disturbing show.

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