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Infestation Omnibus is from IDW and covers Infestation 1 and Infestation 2.

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Infestation 1 was slightly better the Infestation 2.

It was about military opening up a gate to another universe and out pops zombies and metal zombies. They infect everyone so a Vampire named Britt and her friend Cross and others called in.


Of course the vampire Britt is infected and becomes the Mind’s leader of the horde. They go back through the gate superpowered and infect other universes.

Each universe is a comic book universe. The two part transformers did have a tiny history of the horde with Britt but it was very talky. Dullsville.


The GI Joe two parter was the highlight of the book. It focused in an underwater secret Cobra lair run by a villian called Baroness. It was the only story in Infestation 1 not to include Britt. Very well done story, exciting and gripping.

Star Trek two parter. Dear God that was bad? Who here recalls the so bad they were not bad Gold Key Star Trek? This was a throwback of those days. A tiny crew of the Captain, Spock, McCoy plus three red shirts on a planet where everything goes bad. Of course Gold Key had the excuse they were the first Star Trek comics. Rage enducing bad.


Pocket God I never heard of this comic but it was fun. Beyond stupid but charmingly so. Anyone heard of this comic?

Ghost Busters really annoying storyline and dialogue.

At least even in Star Trek you had one identifiable villian that was Britt. At the end the team that was sent in with Britt save the day kinda.


Infestation 2. Started with Britt and her team taking out another Infestation but connected to the Old Gods seen by Lovecraft.

Instead of Britt as main villian we get a slime monster.

Like Infestation 1 we get multistory arcs.

Transformers two parter was really only good part of Infestation 2. That’s not saying much. It takes place in 1890s and with Tesla and how he woke up Optimus Prime from his multithousand year sleep.


GI Joe was not bad but took place underground instead of bottom of sea. Baroness was back but she left as soon as it got bad. If that.

Dungens and Dragons. I was rooting for the slime crearure to kill the main character Wren. Such an annoying character


Teenage Ninja Turtles had sample issue as Ghostbusters, snark was unreadable.

The 30 Days Of Night took place in 1950s. Fun but not great.

Avoid this omnibus..

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