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Review: La La Land Great Start Then Big Budget TV Movie

I went with my mother to see LaLa Land. They sold me the senior ticket, yay. When you are 18 you want to be seen as 21 when you reach 50 you want movie tellers to think you are a senior. $8.95 for a noon show is expensive and $10.25 for nonsenior is revolting. Just five years ago it was $6.50 and $7.50.

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We saw previews. My mother will of course see Dunkirk she looooovvvves WW2 era movies. I hope something else is playing I haaaaatttte WW2 era movies.


1. LaLa Land started off fantastic. First fifteen minutes showed such great promise.

The traffic dance scene was fantastic. The song and dance with Mia and her 3 roommates were good. Did kinda remind me of the bedroom scene in Grease with Sandy and The Pink Ladies.


2. Then it sputtered as a musical. The scene with Mia and Sebastian finding the car was a good scene but really the only good song and dance duet they had. There was a dance scene in the Observatory but no singing.

3. This was essentially a two person movie. It barely qualifies as a musical. The first fifteen minutes yes, the rest barely. It was really a movie about a struggling pianist who loved jazz and an aspiring actress.


4. The romance well seemed pulled from every Hallmark film made.

Girl Meets Boy And Have Instant Dislike

Girl Meets Boy Dislike Is Crumbling Because Boy Has An Aw Shucks Moment

Boy Wins Heart Of Girl

Girl Dumps Current Boyfriend Because Boy Is More Fun Then Boring BF

5. Boring, boring, boring. Yes they danced and Stone amd Gosling probably get paid a lot more then Hallmark actors.


6. Remember the group dancing and singing during first fifteen minutes? Its all these two all the time. Just imagine Grease with all scenes with Danny and Sandy and the other characters say a few lines and leave.

That was this movie. JK Simmons. Maybe 10 lines. John Legend maybe 20 stretched in three scenes. The roommates you saw them again for 10 seconds then bye, bye forgotten. Nameless and forgettable except for that one really good singing amd dancing scene.


7. Other characters were just props. Musicals have always had side stories to support main story.

8. Why you may ask? Very, very important question. The main story would be dull without the side stories. Imagine Guys and Dolls just about the gambler and the Missionary. Or South Pacific if they just concentrated on the older couple. The strength of Guys and Dolls and Grease and South Pacific is because musicals are at is heart an ensemble.


Mia and Sebastian was a dull predictable storyline. Ofcourse they would fight over him going and tours and forgo his dreams. Of course their dreams ultimately were more important then the relationship. Its LA for god sakes its all about the dream ultimately.

I do have to say the fantasy scene at the end of Mia wondering what life could have been was an excellent fantasy scene.


The photo is from LaLa Land. Their look is how I felt.

On the other hand my mother looooved it. I tried telling her it just was not good she would not listen.


Anyone like it?

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