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Review SF: Humans Bow Down by James Patterson and Emily Raymond Don't Think Brain Will Hurt spoilers








I got this yesterday for a dollar at Salvarion Army. Save your dollar I should have.


First the sketches in the book were really good. That’s it for good things.

Humanity has been taken over by HuBots. Synthetic robots that can think. How they took over in three days made no sense. The world is large.


Story takes place in Denver and the surrounding area. It focuses on Six and Debs two teenagers who live in a group outside of Denver they first steal from their group two motor bikes then they go to the city.

The HuBots are in charge. They go to church, the reconfigured themselves to eat and poop. They have families. They have genders.


Don’t think why? Six and Dubs thinks its to emulate humans.

Mikky is a detective and an elite HuBot she has a father, a little sister and another sister.


The other sister has a strong empathy towards humans. She also is transgender transitioning from male to female. Why? No clue. Not sure why they have genders anyways. I suspect Patterson or Raymond thought “oh let’s have a transgender robot”. Both Mikky and her dad accept it fairly quickly. Her dad is a retired detective. How that works no idea. Moses her boss who hates humans was at one point shocked the Premier aged. It seems then HuBots do not age so retirement was baffling.

Mikky loved butter pecan ice cream and in stressful situations thinks of it and can taste it. Not sure how they can process taste and the idea of liking one food over another.


Her boss the police head is a guy named Moses he hates humans. Likes to tell those in the city to bow down. Hence title name.

Our two wild teenagers still a sports car. The owner who is never named knows about it and speaks to them on the speaker phone. He taunts and belittles them especially when they have a car race to get ammo.


Mikky is tasked to find the teens and she beings HuCops. HuCops essentially are drones they enforce the law with no emotion. Mikky and HuCops arrive to the group and open fire. Mikky is quite upset and they refuse to listen. The boss Moses gave the HuCops to open fire.

Mikky goes back to Denver upset but sent back out. She goes alone and tracks them down.


She chases Six up a cliff. Mikky falls, arm comes off and head. Six was going to save her but Mikky’s “last words were” a plea to god.

So Six decides to climb down and gather the pieces. Dubs has split off during the chase. Six goes into a cave and the headless Mikky starts to speak. How? No clue. I guess everything is contained in the head including energy supply.


Dubs finds them and HuCops too. Dubs dies but kills HuCops. Well HuCops are not elite.

Six then takes Mikky’s cruiser and Mikky shuts off the tracking device. Six goes to her granddaddy. A granddaddy named JJ who coinkidink time. Is the father of all HuBots. He and his team have a chip for working empathy and to make Hubots more powerful. Not a good combo.


Also since her sister has some empathy so don’t others and there was a railroad that lead these outcasts to JJ. So he has his own army.

Mikky, JJ and Six head back to Six’s group to form an attack on Denver.

During the raid Six hit an apartment building while HuBots slept and spent three minutes each installing a new empathy chip.


Mikky during her first days with the new chip cried over everything including bugs that died during a blizzard.

Mikky and Six bonded. Mikky’s sister hecame a great soldier for humanity and they and JJ’s army toppled Denver and the Premier. How Premier survived a missile is beyond me. Also how no HuBot figured the Premier’s identity is also baffling. You would think one would ask “why is he aging like a human and acting emotionally wanting to destroy all humans”.


Of course Denver is a tiny part of the US and tiny, tiny compared to the world. I have to say “so what”. They won a battle. Yet Patterson and Raymond wrote it that it seemed Denver was the world.

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There is really no indication how long Hubots been around or how many there are. Mikky is only seven. Her little sister has the body of a child. Will she always be child sized? Was Mikky child sized? Or did her father get her fully grown?

Did anyone like the book?

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