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Reviews for Eshakti?

I’m thinking of getting a couple of longer dresses from there for the chilly season and I was curious if anyone had bought from there. I remember hearing about Eshakti from some folks around here so I’m hoping you’ll give me some honest advice about them since reviews seem a bit scarce around the interwebs.

I’m not concerned about the length of time it’ll take to get to me. I know it’ll take awhile since they make them in India and ship them over here. I am concerned about boob room. I’m a 34G which means I need lots of room up front. Do they actually make things to measure accurately? Or will I find myself trying to squash my boobs into a too-small top? How’s the quality of the fabric? Does it fall apart after a wash?

I was looking at the Tie Neck Leaf Print dress:


And the Constellation print crepe shirtdress:

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