1. Sweatpants leggings ($10-17)

I have these in gray, charcoal, and black. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They arrived the first day of finals week and I may have not removed them for 72 hours. I may have also worn them during a brief break from studying to a hip hop concert. IDGAF. I wore these pants (and no other pants) when I walked my dog during the polar vortex. I LOVE SWEATPANTS LEGGINGS AND I DON'T CARE THAT THEY ARE NOT ACTUALLY CALLED SWEATPANTS LEGGINGS.

2. Lunette Menstrual Cup ($39.99)


I had been thinking about buying one of these for a long time, so when DonnaNobleIsMyHero posted a link to a sale for $19, I purchased one immediately. I swear, not 5 minutes had passed after I inserted it for the first time before I officially declared my allegiance to the menstrual cup cult. I don't remember the first time I heard about these things, but I'm sure I thought they were completely weird and gross. If you think that, I totally get it. I'm not sure when my thinking changed, but I really love this thing. I'm almost looking forward to my next period. I found it super easy to use and had no leaking problems (although I was paranoid at first and checked it like every 3 minutes). I wore it to bed. I wore it to CrossFit (for a workout with copious double unders/jump roping too!). I LOVE YOU LUNETTE. DONNA NOBLE, YOU CHANGED MY LIFE. Now someone tell me what to do with boxes of tampons I have stockpiled in my closet....

3. Lush Lip Scrub (Popcorn) ($10)/ e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator ($3)


I first bought the lip scrub a few years ago in "Chocolate" but someone mentioned they had it in "Popcorn" and I was almost out, so I picked it up the next time I was at the mall. This scrub is great. It's made of sugar and tastes delicious. The popcorn flavor reminds me of popcorn Jelly Bellys, which I loved as a kid. I think I prefer the chocolate though, but I believe they only have popcorn and bubble gum right now. You only need a little, but this stuff works wonders on dry chapped lips.

Later, I got the e.l.f. one at Target because it was so cheap. The first few times I tried it, I thought it sucked, but really you just need to wear it down a bit to get to the scrubby part. I love that it comes in a stick, so it's less messy than the scrub. It isn't quite as powerful as the scrub, but it is more moisturizing. I've been using this one on a (mostly) daily basis and then the scrub one when my lips get particularly bad.


That's it for now. I'll post part 2 later. You guys have convinced me to buy a lot of stuff. My wallet does not thank you.