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Reviews of things GT told me to buy- Part 2, Make Up Edition!

You guys created a monster.

Between the years 2005-2013, I probably spent $100 on make up. Not per year. Total. I owned Bare Minerals foundation, blush, bronzer, and finishing powder (my mom got me one of those starter kit boxes for Christmas and it lasted me for several years. I'm still using the blush and bronzer from it), 2 Cover Girl perfect point eyeliners (charcoal and black), and one neutral Maybelline eyeshadow trio. The first time I ever entered a Sephora was January 2014 and I'm already a VIB (not to mention the money I've spent on makeup at places other than Sephora). For some reason, I would always click on GT posts about make up, even though I wasn't that into it. Similarly, I would always read posts about Doctor Who, even before I had ever seen an episode. Then one day I started binge watching DW and another day I started binge buying make up. My bank account is very mad at you.

1. Urban Decay's Naked Palette


When I was visiting my sister in Chicago, we stopped at Macy's so I could pick up a refill of my Bare Minerals powder. I remembered that my only eyeshadow had recently bit the dust, so I started looking at Bare Minerals' eyeshadows. A sales associate asked if he could help me. I pretty much always respond to this question with "Thanks, but I'm just looking." For whatever reason, I chatted with this one and let him talk me into this palette. I probably would not have spent $52 on eyeshadows, but I remembered reading a lot about the Naked palettes on GT, so I went for it.

This palette definitely lives up to the hype. I could use only this palette for the rest of my life, except I have bought even more eyeshadow since then, so I'm not going to.

2. Urban Decay's Naked2 Palette


Shortly after that, TyrannosaurusBataar posted that Urban Decay was having a 20% off sale. I figured it was the perfect time to buy this palette, which I had recently decided I needed while watching tutorials for the first one on YouTube. I probably do not need both of them, but I do really like this one too and I can't resist a sale. I go back and forth on which one is my favorite.

3. Too Faced's All I Want for Christmas Set


Rawrglicious posted a video review of this set and I bought it immediately. I blame her entirely for my Too Faced obsession. I now have two eyeshadow palettes (Matte Eyes, which she also posted a review for and another commenter shared that it was on sale that day only for $20, and this set that I bought during the VIB sale), one of the new Melted lipsticks, and one of the heart shaped blushes (which Rawrgilicious also reviewed and I got for 50% off at Ulta).


I love all of the things I just listed. Their black eyeliner is amazing. I don't love the color of the La Creme lipstick I got in the set, but the formula is creamy and wonderful. I like their eyeshadow primer more than the Urban Decay one (the Naked palette came with a free mini one). I'm not very picky about mascaras and I like this one just fine. The bag is super cute too.

The Matte Eyes and the summer set I linked to have been good introductions to colored shadows for me. The colors they come with aren't super scary but add a nice little pop of something different when I don't want to be all neutral with the Naked sets.


4. Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick


I don't remember who I saw talking about this in the comments of some make up post. My cousin posted a selfie on Instragram rocking coral lips and I became obsessed with finding the perfect coral lipstick. I ended up getting this in Carina and it is MAGICAL. The formula is a bit drying, but it doesn't bother me too much as long as I exfoliate and moisturize my lips before applying it. It really STAYS ALL DAY. It doesn't transfer or fade at all, unless you eat something greasy. I watched a few YouTube reviews for this, and the girls said it barely came off when they ate. They must be very dainty eaters because I had a grilled cheese sandwich the first day I wore this and it pretty much all came off. I wasn't being very careful though. Since then, if I try to be more dainty, I usually just need a small touch up. I loved this so much, I also bought it in red.

5. Birchbox & Ipsy


Someone posted a code to get extra points or something with the US Weekly box, so I decided to sign up. A month or two later, I got Ipsy (partially due to JessPhilosoraptor). Getting the boxes is really fun. I've liked some of the stuff I've gotten, but I haven't really LOVED anything. There is a lot of skin care and hair care stuff, and I'm more into make up. I thought about canceling it until I realized how amazing the reward system is. Seriously. If you rate everything you get, you get 100 points every 2 months which is good for $10 towards any purchase on their site. Plus you get points for every dollar you spend. They have a lot of great stuff on their website and they also seem to give out discounts from time to time.

I recently made my first purchase (a Stila blush, usually $25) and I paid $10 for it. They sent me a 20% off code for my third month anniversary, plus I had 100 points so I got $10 off. They just emailed me this afternoon and apparently my shipment was delayed, so they gave me another 100 points to apologize (their customer service is really fantastic. One of my boxes was missing a sample and they sent me a new one right away). I also downloaded their iPhone app and you get 20% off the first order you make with that.


I've only gotten one Ipsy bag so far, but I LOVED it. It's all make up, but not as many high end brands as Birchbox. I did get decently sized samples from Urban Decay and Benefit though, so they seem to be getting more high end stuff maybe? I'm already excited for next month's bag. Their reward system isn't as great as Birchbox's, but I can't complain.

That's it for now. I have a lot more make up I indirectly blame you for, but I won't get into that ;) Here is part one if you missed it!


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