Guess what? It smells like nail polish. The "Spun Sugar" smells like spun nail polish. The "Bordeaux" smells... like nail polish. I made my mom close her eyes today and blind-sniff 6 of the scents along with some regular Revlon thrown in for good measure. No difference. What is this shit?? EDIT: I AM A DUMMY IT DOESN'T SMELL TIL IT DRIES! SO YOU MIGHT LIKE IT! If you like smelling your fingers.

No reviews that I've found even mention the scents. They all just talk about application and brush strokes and stuff (which, incidentally, are rated high. so that's good). I want to know if they'll turn my nails yellow like all other Revlon polishes. Oh well. Kcunning, get on this!

(sorry if you all already know about this, I tend to be behind the times. Oh! And I got some of that Capital Collection stuff from Covergirl so now I look like Jem!)