Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Mr. Run and I just finished watching The Punk Singer on Netflix.

Le sigh, it makes me have all the nostalgia feelz.

Now husband is watching Pearl Jam Twenty, which is kinda the opposite. Although I noticed Eddie Veddar trying to ape Kathleen Hanna's style by scrawling magic marker across his stomach.


Riot Grrrl was so important to me. It still is. I remember feeling so frustrated as a teen in the '90's, because NONE of my girlfriends wanted to start a band with me. I always played with dudes as everyone's favorite '90's rock cliche: token chick bass player. Seriously, my first band was a Metallica cover band. My second was essentially a Nirvana cover band. It wasn't until I got to college in '98/'99 that I was finally in a girl band. Sadly, we only lasted half a semester, but we played a couple epic keggers.

Anyway, now I want to start another band. Is 34 too old? And what about you? What was the soundtrack to your disaffected youth? What made you feel angry and alive? Or maybe inspired and full of bliss?

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