Do people want to read these? Are you just indulging me? Because I seriously wrote a Harry Potter musical one time using previously written songs and changing the lyrics (Kiss the Girl became Kiss the Boy and was sung by Dementors).

If you do want to read them, how should I post them? Like, what is the least obnoxious way for me to post these? Show me your ways, GroupThink. Y'all are invited to my concert 'how I was banned from Gawker Media: an Opera in 12 acts'.

ETA: Here are the 2 'lyrical interpretations' I wrote today.

From this comment thread, inspired by 'Let It Go' from the movie Frozen:

Don't let them know, don't let them see
This stunt only gave bad publicity
You've lost all feminist credibility
Where are the cat gifs?

Let it go, let it go!
Lena Dunham won this bout
Let it go, let it go!
You've dug a hole in the frozen ground

You may not care what
your commenters say
But you're $10,000 poorer
Eating ramen noodles everyday

From this comment thread, inspired by 'Epiphany' from the musical Sweeney Todd:

And I'll never be a Jez author
No I'll never be friends with Lindy - FINISHED!
Alright! Lentils, dress size! Nothing's out of bounds!
Let's talk 'bout white feminism, no I'm not trolling
What's that? U mad?

I still have GroupThink
I still have my dignity!