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RHONJ, Season 6

Guys, I am fiiinally catching up on old TV and season 6 of RHONJ is part of that. Can we tawkaboudit? (I’m only like 6 episodes in so no spoilers, please. :D)

1. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Teresa and Joe for going to jail? Like, ???

2. Is Amber the worst actress you’ve ever seen? She looks like a robot that was programmed to act out human emotions... poorly programmed.


3. Although, maybe I shouldn’t poke fun at Amber, I’m pretty sure she’s a GT-er. After all, she does celebrate “lentil season.”

4. In the last couple of episodes, the closed captions have said, “[squealing gibberish]” and “[incoherent babble].” That’s about right, I reckon.

5. I miss Caroline!

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