Dinner is Spanish rice and refried beans with salsa, topped with goat’s milk cheese and olives, and scooped up with tortilla chips (mmm.... double carbs!) What’s for dinner at your place, GT?

For the rice, I fried 2 cups dry rice in a bit of olive oil until it was lightly browned. Put it in the rice cooker and added a handful each of dried carrot dices, dried onion, dried minced garlic, and dried corn. Then I stirred in turmeric, cumin, hot chili powder, garlic salt, and tomato powder. Added a box of chicken broth and an extra cup of water (to compensate for the dry veggies). Nummy Spanish rice!

The beans are just 2 cans of refried beans with a cup or so of salsa and some hot taco sauce stirred in.