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Rich Friends

Why in the hell do I keep asking people for recs on shit when I know they’re gonna recommend some dumb ass expensive place like $90 a month gym memberships or $4,000 dollar couches or $60+ mani/pedis.

Then I gotta be like “Oh, yeah, cool I’ll look into that!” And yeah right. I can’t afford that shit.

I also recently found out two of our couple friends spent like $40,000+ on their weddings. What. The. Fuck. That’s stupid. And of course their parents paid for them.


To be fair, they’re my boyfriends friends. All my friends are broke as shit like me.

Vent over.

ETA: Thanks all for the thoughtful replies! I know I probably sounded way judge-y and honestly its your money, not mine, and of course how someone spends it is no business of mine!

You do you. :)

May we all be able to afford to treat ourselves and spend our hard earned money on something that makes us happy.

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