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Welcome To The Bitchery

I was re-reading the post about "The Benevolent Stalker" (now deleted) when I saw this followup:


If you don't remember, he was posting about stalking a woman, following her to Scotland, and trying to stage a "fake" kidnapping with her, completely convinced it would lead to a relationship in the end.

The new post sounds pretty good. It sounds like he's been to therapy and has gotten on meds and taken the public opinions of his post to heart. Some quotes:

My blogpost entitled "The Benevolent Stalker" made international news and was roundly condemned. For every supportive comment I received, I had about a hundred negative ones. This level of response was helpful because 99% of people cannot be wrong. At the time, I didn't realise just how terrible my behaviour was. I did have benevolent intentions but I now realise that there was nothing remotely benevolent about what I was doing.

Romance is generally cast in a positive light in movies and literature, but when I thought about it, I realised that most of those stories are written by men. We're not seeing things from the female perspective. What I also realise now is that if you act the way that those characters do, in real life, you may end up in jail.

It is unforgivable that I continued to pursue her, and I have learnt a great deal and hope that others do not make similar mistakes. I've felt a bit like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense recently, when he realises that he is a dead person. That is how self-revelatory the last week has been for me. I wish I had found this peace of mind earlier, because it would have saved others from harm.


I've had three experiences that were reminiscent of this guy, so the original post hit me pretty hard. I think it's encouraging to see him taking steps to get better. I was especially taken aback to see how completely he embraced the idea that he was in the wrong.


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