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Richard Brittain Violently Assaults Book Reviewer

In an update to the "Guy writes chilling post about being a stalker" story that I truly wish hadn't been real, Richard Brittain was arrested recently for tracking down a woman who panned his book, going to her workplace and beating her over the head with a bottle of wine.


In an update to the fabulously written Goodreads review of Brittain's awful self-published opus, a reviewer going by the pen name of Paige Rolland describes how Brittain stalked her Facebook page, discovered where she worked and traveled all the way to Scotland where he violently hit her over the head with a full bottle of wine, causing her to be hospitalized.

[EDIT] - The writer of the World Rose is arrogant. SO arrogant, in fact, that my review hit him where it hurts a little to hard. In return, he found out where I worked through Facebook, came from LONDON to where I live in the east of Scotland, and attacked me by hitting me over the head with a wine bottle from behind. Not a word or a sound. And then he left. I had to be taken to hospital to receive medical treatment for it, which included several stitches in my head.

Warning - make sure you are internet safe. Check your privacy settings. Because sick men like Mr. Brittain do exist.

[EDIT 2] - For those asking, of course charges are being pressed. I required medical attention, and had the hit been anywhere else or had I been hit harder, I could have died. Don't worry, I am making sure things are being done about this.


The reviewers account of what happened, collected on Wattpad, is something out of a horror movie.

I was in the cereal aisle, bending down to get something from the bottom self. When I stood up, something hit me on the head. Hard. At first, I thought that maybe I'd hit my head off the shelf, and as everything started to spin and go black, I wondered how the hell I could be so stupid as to hit my head so hard. My vision was black, and my hearing was muffled, but I was very much conscious - I did not pass out (and this is important 'cause of my pride). I turned and put my hands out to lower myself to the floor gently, which is something my mother has always taught me to do should I think I'm going to pass out. It prevents further injury. As I lowered myself, I heard the tinkle of a bottle on the floor and I thought that something had fallen on me (even thought there is definitely no wine in the cereal aisle).


The injury she incurred from this assault was no laughing matter.

I kept thinking that of course I was going to be fine, I'd only bumped my head. But when I did move my hands to let everyone put towels under me, I saw blood covering my hands and dripping down my arms. Without the pressure on my head, the blood spread down my hair and the back of my neck. I remained mostly calm, save for the occasional cuss word at the sight and feeling of the blood - that's when I knew I definitely wasn't okay.

Before I went into shock for the first time, the baker pressed towels to my head and someone covered me with a heavy jacket to try and stop it from happening. I heard one customer say to the baker that someone had come from behind me, hit me with a wine bottle, and had walked away.


Security footage of the store confirmed the reviewer's worst fears about the identity of the man who had assaulted her so brutally. She ended up getting six stitches but thankfully did not have any fractures in her skull or a concussion. She posted pictures on her injury (which I will not link here, they are graphic and show her face), and it is a HEINOUS, deep jagged gash.

Police confirmed it was Richard "Benevolent Stalker" Brittain who was responsible for the attack. He tracked down her workplace on Facebook, traveled to Scotland from London and staked out her workplace until she was there. He attacked her and then traveled home.


Richard Brittain was arrested and has since been released on bail. He's also wanted for a separate "incident" in Glasgow. The attacked reviewer intends to press charges as she fucking should.

Fuck this creepy, violent motherfucker. I desperately and sincerely hope he ends up spending a lot of time in a Scottish prison and is taken off the streets before he can hurt anyone else.

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