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Richard Cohen Trump's Hitlerian Disregard of The Truth a must read

Richard Cohen brings up an interesting point which Lawrence O’Donnell discussed on his show.


Richard Cohen’s premise is that like Hitler Trump truly believes what he says. Cohen used last Friday as an example. Trump said President Obama was born in the US. Cohen argues that the lie that Trump said was that he was born in the US. That Trump truly believes President Obama was not born in the US. Cohen argues like Hitler Trump truly believes what he says.


A republican strategist was on and said Trump is so knee deep in the altright and white supremecy he will say what they want to hear. That they pretty much own him.

Trump also said this is the worst time ever for African Americans which disregards slavery, Jim Crow, lunch counters, segregation etc. This is my problem with Cohen’s article is this very thing. There is no way Trump was not educated about slavery, did not know about segregation and it means during the 60s with the civil rights movement he would have to have been in a deep coma in college.

The article is still thought provoking and a must read this election season.

Vote Hillary there is no other answer. Oh a vote for Johnson or Stein is a vote for Trump. We cannot take any chances.

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