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Rick Yancey's The 5th Wave essentially a remake not that good spoilers








The beginning had so much potential. The main character Cassie was on the run trying to find her brother. During this time she recalled the previous months an how the aliens destroyed mankind in months with just survivors remaining.


She then got into how aliens were impersonating people. Well this one section segwayed to another.

This is where the novel falls apart. During the first part she mentions this boy in high school essentially ignored her though she had a crush on him. Cassie is 16.

Well the novel shifts to him and how he gets saved then made a part of the military.

Now this part I realized. Aliens inside the brains of people controlling them and as we will discover from when they are infants.


Raise your hands if this is familiar. It is. The Puppet Masters by Henlein.

Except this novel has stupid parts. Like when Cassie keeps thinking how handsome Even is and his lopsided smile.


Also Evan who is hundreds of years old yet inside an 18 year old boy says he finally feels alive due to Cassie a 16 year old. Really? All this time alive and a 16 year old child makes him feel alive. Oh gag me with a spoon.

Not seeing the movie out late January.

Read Puppet Masters faaaaaar better.

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