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Is there some kind of adult switch that shuts down when *men marry and have kids? Like some kind of need to treat the wife like his mom now that she is a mom? ‘Cuz since the wee one came into the world my SO insists on asking permission (among other things like being the calendar and the social organizer and on) to do shit with his friends. I’ve told him countless time don’t ask me just give me a heads up (in advance if possible) and if I’m too tired to solo the kiddo I’ll say so. He just did it again!!! Fuck, and I’m on my period and I ain’t got time for no one’s shit. Yesterday I got into with a co-worker cuz she hit my last nerve.

Anyone else deal with this? Just me? Just my loving idiot?

Anyone else just having a crappy day and ready to get scrappy?

*Yes, not all men. I shouldn’t generalize etc. etc.


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