So my sister told me this riddle today, and I solved it fairly quickly. And by fairly quickly I mean my first guess. My sister gave me the bug-eyes and told me that people who solve the riddle quickly are considered more manipulative/deceitful than those who take a while. I paid her no mind because I was just glad I had figured it out. I AM HORRIBLE AND OKAY WITH IT, YOU GUYS. Plus it seemed pretty straight-forward but idk.

Let's see if you can figure it out! Answer is after the pics of Charlie Hunnam (yum).

A woman is attending her mother's funeral. Among the guests is a handsome man. When the woman spots him, it's love at first sight, but before she can approach him, the funeral ends and she loses him in the crowd. She asks around but isn't able to get a name from anyone. The woman quickly proceeds home and later that night, kills her sister. Why?


Answer: She kills her sister in the hopes he'll attend the funeral.