Guys, I have a problem.

During the first week of recovery my mom stayed with me to help out. (TL;DR I love my mother and it was lovely having her here but having her here for an entire week in my 500 sq ft studio is like a sold 60% of the reason I'm not going home for Thanksgiving. Small doses, people, small doses.)

She used my hairdryer a couple of times. Apparently, she loved it. She told me so after I apologized for not having a super fancy dryer for her to use. I have my eye on one of the Drybar sets that Sephora sells, but have yet to work up the courage to shell out $200 on a blow dryer, mostly because I just don't blow dry my hair that often. This one that I have I've had for... shit... I can't even remember. Probably close to like, six years now? The little thing just won't quit!

Now, I thought it would be lovely for me to get her one for Christmas. That's how much she liked it!


But... it's super cheap. Not that that's a bad thing, but I'm having trouble deciding if I should just get it for her or if I should get one of the 'fancier' versions by the same company.

WHAT DO I DO. She only blow dries her hair maybe... two or three times a week? She's got super thick hair and it takes her over an hour to dry/style it, so she only washes it a few times a week. This has led to her having annoyingly lovely hair, even though she bleaches and dyes the heck out of it. I bleached mine and it has made the ends awful :(.


I'd also likely get her a hair mask from Lush and some other things, as I'm slowly but surely getting her to learn how to 'treat herself' with at-home spa days. Took me a decade to get her to stop wearing black but eventually that succeeded so this will too, dammit!

What do you lovely folks think? Just give her the dryer she liked? Get her a fancier version? I wanted to get her a set of pearl earrings but that might not go over well because DRAMA. I really wish I were kidding. I don't even know how to ask her if she's told my Dad what happened so I can suggest HE get her a new set because any mention of it makes her cry.


Why are parents so damn hard to shop for?