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Ridiculous First World Problem Advice

So, my Father belongs to a fancy social club back home. They really, really, REALLY (like really) want me to join as well, now that I'm old enough to not be covered under his membership.

They're giving me a good deal on membership dues because I live far away from the actual club, but I'd get access to a couple clubs here in the DC area. Like, really super difficult to get into prestigious clubs. Places that look like the above photo on a bad day. (That's actually one of the clubs I'd be able to access, and I've been to events there, and it's a 1%ers wet dream and more. It's amazing.)


All I want to do is join and then troll the various memberships. A friend from college is actually on the membership board of one of the aforementioned super prestigious clubs, and has invited me to join THAT one as well. This would allow me to hang out at this place, and perhaps even use the pool sometimes. I think. But without the initiation fees and ridiculous dues. Because those are going someplace else, someplace I'd absolutely already belong to if I lived in Seattle. Which I hope to do someday.

Anyways, I'm going to let GT vote on what I should do. Assume that I can totally afford it, and assume that it would actually be a useful membership for me to have. Also if anyone comes to DC I'll totally take you to the Fancy Club of your choice, as I believe that everyone should experience the batshit insanity that these places are at least once.

I reserve the right to use the dismiss button with glee should you not take this post in the spirit of fun in which it's meant. Seriously guys, I admit constantly that I have all the privilege, I get it. I want to share that privilege with all of you so we can all bond over making fun of the ridiculous things that old rich white ladies do. Also I'd get access to the Republicans fancy social club on capitol hill and you ALL know you want me to live tweet that shit.

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