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Ridiculous rules: High School Sports edition

The ESPN article below has a better write-up of this, but to summarize...

Maori Davenport is a high school senior who plays basketball. Last summer she represented the US in a tournament in Mexico City, and won a gold medal.

As a matter of course the national organization USA Basketball sent Maori a check for $857 to cover her expenses to attend the tournament. They later discovered that they hadn’t appropriately notified the Alabama High School Athletic Association of the payment, as is standard.


They told Maori, her high school, and the AHSAA about the clerical error, and Maori returned the entire sum to them.

Steve Savarese, executive director of the AHSAA, then ruled that Maori had lost her amature status and imposed a sentence of a one-year suspension on her.

For a clerical error that wasn’t her fault, and even in the face of her returning the money and calling attention to the issue to make sure everything was above board.

I am sure that you will be SHOCKED to learn that Ms. Davenport is a young woman of color, and equally suprised to hear that Saverese is an old white man from Alabama.


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